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Friday, 9 September 2011

Ipad 2: Jailbreaking your Latest Ipad Device

If you are here to jailbreak your ipad 2, then i won't bore you with unrelated ipad top story, or ipad 2 on the news. You can go to for that.

Naturally i'll assume you already now have a full handle on your ipad 2 ? I mean you know basic and hidden tips and tricks of using the device? on how best to get the most out of your Ipad. If not there are tutorials available i will share with you;  the definitive ipad guide , or if you a visual learner check out ipad video lessons. Lets Proceed!

First and Foremost, is Jailbreaking Apple device, ipad or not, Legal?
The Answer is yes. You've probably heard it a lot of times, but jailbreaking the ipad, or other Apple product is protected under US law, Both you who is implementing a jailbreak package or the person making them are within the law. No law is broken. You can confirm this from a trusty source.

Incentives for jailbreaking an ipad.
Why should i jailbreak my ipad ? You get full control on your ipad. No restriction, or limitation. The ipad and most other Apple products are restricted in functionality and cross-compatibility deliberately to favour Apple partners that have a stack in the company.

You'll notice that An Unbroken ipad can not use or download 3rd party apps. Apple has it's own store of apps from App providers who pay to make the compatibility of the ipad iOS restricted to only their own apps. So without a jailbreak your ipad is very limited to just Apple approved apps, in the Apple store while there are a whole range of 3rd party apps out there. In fact Millions.

Secondly there is also this problem of being stuck with Apple drab standard background, springboard and icons with unbroken ipads but jailbreaking your ipad 2 removes this problem.  It is so much simpler to organize your iPad once it has been jalibroken , really much easier.

The most important benefits of jailbreaking an iPad is the tethering capability that comes with it. You will have the ability to use your iPad’s data plan to connect your laptop to the internet!  No more searching around for WiFi connections for your computer when you can tether iPad’s data plan directly. cool!

Other lite benefits of jailbreaking your ipad 2:
* Download videos from YouTube and save onto the iPad.
* Backup applications purchased onto your jailbroken iPad.
* Capture photos and video even though the iPad does not have a camera.
* Create a system of categories. Move the icons into folders to organize hundreds of applications.
* Transfer files between iPad, computers and other devices.
...........and lots more

You don't lose either way: Say in event you don't like your jailbroken iphone and you wish to reverse the whole process, you can do so as well through iTunes. So nothing should stop you from attempting to free your ipad 2.

The guys behind the jailbreaks do not just provide the jailbreaks for the present version but also for subsequent version/upgrades of the iOS running on ipad. They have stand by support and help forums in case you need hands on help to implement your jailbreak.